CORCS round 1 recap

The opening round of the 2014 CORCS season kicked off in a great way for the quads, there was an awesome turnout, the most quads that the series has seen so far in its 3 years of putting on races, there was a lot of great racing happening and the track was great, there was a brand new motocross section as well as the older motocross track, some fun technical sections and several fast 4th and 5th gear straightaways and sweepers.

The series saw several riders at this race who had been absent for most of the 2013 season, including Tom Smith, John Angel and Megan DeMers.


The A quads started in the first row, and it was the number 860 of John Angel with the holeshot, with number 79 Tom Smith close behind him and number 94 Derek Alberti rounding out the top 3

Both Tom Smith and Derek Alberti got stuck on the first lap which cost them some time and Alberti crashed a few laps later, but they were both able to come back and finish strong with Smith getting the win and Alberti finishing in 3rd. John Angel had some problems with his quad a few laps into the race which cost him several positions but he was still able to finish in 4th. Last years overall runner up Austen Turner finished in 2nd, and last years overall winner Jared Prosser would have also been in contention for a top 3 finish but had issues with his quad which put him out of the race.


the B quads were next, and it was the number 16 of Brian Barsh with the holeshot followed by number 179 Damion Eddy and number 221 Matt Wachholtz

Brian Barsh was in the front for most of the race and took the win, with Lynette Raymond just a few seconds behind taking 2nd, and Damion Eddy finishing in 3rd.


And finally the C quads with number 337 David Alberti getting the holeshot, followed by number 112 Brittney Wright and number 34 Adam Bills.

David Alberti took the win with Chris Denton and John Miller in 2nd and 3rd.


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