The Tri-State Motocross series is the only motocross series that has quad classes in the area, they aren’t all in Colorado but most of them aren’t too far if you live in northern CO. They have quad open and quad A/B classes. The motos are usually 4 laps which is usually around 9-12 minutes long depending on the track.

2016 Race Schedule:

May 1.. Mitchell Ne

May 21(sat) Sidney  Ne

May 28-29 Wheatland Wyo

June 11-12 Cheyenne Wyo

June 25(sat) Sidney Ne

July 17 Laramie Wyo

August 14 Mitchell Ne

August 20-21 Alliance

September 17 Sidney Ne

September 18 Sidney Ne  (DOUBLE POINTS)

Check out the website and Facebook page for the schedule, results, rules/ FAQ, track locations and any other information




  1. Phoenix Cannon

    I am 16 year old and just moved her last September from Illinois where I raced for a couple years where there where just as much quad riders as bikes! when I moved here I noticed that quad racing wasn’t very popular! I was just wondering why? and if you have any pointers for me starting out here and any track you recommend for practice that are quad friendly, I live in Adams county VDRmx and IMI motorsports are pretty close to me what are your thoughts on them thanks a lot and I appreciate your website.

    • Hi! I’m honestly not really sure why quad racing is so unpopular here, hopefully it will get better in the future though. VDR MX is the only real MX track that allows quads, they have a pretty nice motocross track and a harescramble track and quads are allowed on both. IMI doesn’t let quads on the MX track but they do have a dirt oval plus a road course if you’re into that, plus a general dirt riding area although I have never been so I cant comment on how good it is. If you have any more questions feel free to message me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/theCQRA

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